Astro Ike 2.0 Trailer!

Patch Notes

Main Bug Fix

  • FIXED: Running backwards and side to side when shooting causes bullets to not shoot straight. Issue was with the collision capsule of the player character.

In Game Changes

  • Added grenades.
  • Updated loading screen to show what level is being loaded.
  • Added Controller Support.
  • Added powerup icon for when powerup is active.
  • Increased walk/run speed range for Zombies, slightly faster.
  • New difficulty for zombies, changes their health. (easy, normal, hard, nightmare).

Menu Updates

  • New button icons.
  • Added button select/hover sounds for menu.
  • New main menu design with different menu backgrounds.
  • New level selection design.
  • New UI design.
  • New level difficulty selection (easy, normal, hard, nightmare).
  • Removed patch notes from main menu.
  • Improved Settings UI.
  • Christmas/Holiday theme music for main menu.
  • Added “Arcade Mode” button to menu. Will feature some new game modes (no reload mode, unlimited ammo mode, endless zombies with no waves, and possible top down spaceship arcade shooter) Achievements will come with these are added. (No ETA on this release)

New achievements

  • Nightmare Mode – 1 / 100 , 250, 500, 1000 kills
  • Nightmare Mode – 1 / 10 / 25 / 50 rounds
  • Farm Map – Get to 15 rounds
  • Mars Map – Get to 15 rounds
  • View “Project Astronaut” TV Menu

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