Astro Ike 3.0 Update “Reloaded”

After almost a year of anticipation, I am thrilled to announce a surprising turn of events for Astro Ike. What was once deemed at its End-of-Life stage is now making a triumphant return with the upcoming Astro Ike 3.0 Update, aptly named “Reloaded.”

What to Expect in Astro Ike 3.0 “Reloaded”

  • Introducing fresh store page, the current artwork showcases the new Astro Ike Logo and will reflect the new updated game once it’s completed!
  • I’m excited to introduce a new character selection feature, allowing you to customize your own avatar with armor color options.
  • Experience an enhanced zombie encounter with upgraded AI movements, animations, diverse attacks, unique variants, and more to keep the excitement alive!
  • I’ve revamped the entire user interface from scratch, coupled with a new input system. Now you can personalize your gaming experience with custom keybinds and seamless controller support.
  • Dive into the new top-down arcade game mode designed for 1-4 players. Enjoy character color customization, choose between male or female characters, and display your name and health on the user interface.
  • Brace yourself for an array of new and upgraded power-ups in both game modes. From the iconic zombie nuke effects to stamina boosts and unlimited ammo, the thrill just got amped up!
  • Arm yourself with an arsenal of new weapons, including a laser rifle, laser pistol, shotgun, light machine gun, and maybe a few surprises along the way!
  • Explore stunning visual effects powered by the Unreal Engine 5.3 Niagara system. I’m eager to dive into this new system to enhance explosions, lasers, bullets, and more!
  • Discover fresh maps in this update, with at least 3-5 new additions to the core game. For the arcade mode, enjoy procedurally generated maps for a dynamic and replayable experience!
  • Immerse yourself in a completely revamped audio experience. New sound effects for zombies, menus, and more, accompanied by music options that seamlessly blend with the new maps I’ve crafted. Say goodbye to the old maps—they’re making way for something exciting!
  • I’m placing a strong focus on optimization and improved lighting to address concerns from the current version of the game. Get ready for a smoother and visually enhanced gaming experience!
And that’s not all! As we approach the release date, more surprises will be unveiled!

Pending Release Date (6+ Months):

While I’m eager to share the excitement of Astro Ike 3.0 “Reloaded” with our players, I want to ensure that every detail is perfected. As a result, the release date is currently pending and estimated to be six months or a bit more. I appreciate your patience and assure you that the extra time will be well worth the wait.

Price Adjustment:

Please note that the pricing for Astro Ike may be subject to change upon the release of the 3.0 “Reloaded” update. I believe the enhanced features and the sheer magnitude of improvements justify this adjustment.
New Astro Ike Logo
Some of The New Weapons
Color selection example
Starting on Basic Camera Movement, Player Input, and Camera movement.
Male and Female Armor
Color selection example
For further updates and to stay connected, follow me on our social media below. See you in the galaxy!

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