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Important Announcement: Astro Ike Update 3.0 Cancellation

Hello Astro Ike Fans,
After much consideration, I’ve decided to cancel the development of Astro Ike update 3.0. It’s been an incredible journey since the game’s release two years ago, and I appreciate all the support and feedback from the community.
As a solo game developer, I’ve learned a lot and my skills have significantly improved since I started my journey. Revisiting Astro Ike has shown me many areas for improvement, but it’s also become clear that continually fixing and tweaking can lead to an endless cycle that isn’t ideal. Instead of exhausting myself, I’ve decided it’s time to move forward and focus on new projects.
Don’t worry, this isn’t the end—it’s a new beginning. Each project I’ve worked on has taught me valuable lessons, and I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned to create even better games in the future. Moving forward, I’ll be focusing on manageable projects that challenge me creatively without overwhelming me with everything going on in my life.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support. I can’t wait to share my next adventure with you all!
Best regards,
Taylor (Cyberkite Games)
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Astro Ike 3.0 Update “Reloaded”

After almost a year of anticipation, I am thrilled to announce a surprising turn of events for Astro Ike. What was once deemed at its End-of-Life stage is now making a triumphant return with the upcoming Astro Ike 3.0 Update, aptly named “Reloaded.”

What to Expect in Astro Ike 3.0 “Reloaded”

  • Introducing fresh store page, the current artwork showcases the new Astro Ike Logo and will reflect the new updated game once it’s completed!
  • I’m excited to introduce a new character selection feature, allowing you to customize your own avatar with armor color options.
  • Experience an enhanced zombie encounter with upgraded AI movements, animations, diverse attacks, unique variants, and more to keep the excitement alive!
  • I’ve revamped the entire user interface from scratch, coupled with a new input system. Now you can personalize your gaming experience with custom keybinds and seamless controller support.
  • Dive into the new top-down arcade game mode designed for 1-4 players. Enjoy character color customization, choose between male or female characters, and display your name and health on the user interface.
  • Brace yourself for an array of new and upgraded power-ups in both game modes. From the iconic zombie nuke effects to stamina boosts and unlimited ammo, the thrill just got amped up!
  • Arm yourself with an arsenal of new weapons, including a laser rifle, laser pistol, shotgun, light machine gun, and maybe a few surprises along the way!
  • Explore stunning visual effects powered by the Unreal Engine 5.3 Niagara system. I’m eager to dive into this new system to enhance explosions, lasers, bullets, and more!
  • Discover fresh maps in this update, with at least 3-5 new additions to the core game. For the arcade mode, enjoy procedurally generated maps for a dynamic and replayable experience!
  • Immerse yourself in a completely revamped audio experience. New sound effects for zombies, menus, and more, accompanied by music options that seamlessly blend with the new maps I’ve crafted. Say goodbye to the old maps—they’re making way for something exciting!
  • I’m placing a strong focus on optimization and improved lighting to address concerns from the current version of the game. Get ready for a smoother and visually enhanced gaming experience!
And that’s not all! As we approach the release date, more surprises will be unveiled!

Pending Release Date (6+ Months):

While I’m eager to share the excitement of Astro Ike 3.0 “Reloaded” with our players, I want to ensure that every detail is perfected. As a result, the release date is currently pending and estimated to be six months or a bit more. I appreciate your patience and assure you that the extra time will be well worth the wait.

Price Adjustment:

Please note that the pricing for Astro Ike may be subject to change upon the release of the 3.0 “Reloaded” update. I believe the enhanced features and the sheer magnitude of improvements justify this adjustment.
New Astro Ike Logo
Some of The New Weapons
Color selection example
Starting on Basic Camera Movement, Player Input, and Camera movement.
Male and Female Armor
Color selection example
For further updates and to stay connected, follow me on our social media below. See you in the galaxy!

Astro Ike 2.0 Released

Astro Ike 2.0 Trailer!

Patch Notes

Main Bug Fix

  • FIXED: Running backwards and side to side when shooting causes bullets to not shoot straight. Issue was with the collision capsule of the player character.

In Game Changes

  • Added grenades.
  • Updated loading screen to show what level is being loaded.
  • Added Controller Support.
  • Added powerup icon for when powerup is active.
  • Increased walk/run speed range for Zombies, slightly faster.
  • New difficulty for zombies, changes their health. (easy, normal, hard, nightmare).

Menu Updates

  • New button icons.
  • Added button select/hover sounds for menu.
  • New main menu design with different menu backgrounds.
  • New level selection design.
  • New UI design.
  • New level difficulty selection (easy, normal, hard, nightmare).
  • Removed patch notes from main menu.
  • Improved Settings UI.
  • Christmas/Holiday theme music for main menu.
  • Added “Arcade Mode” button to menu. Will feature some new game modes (no reload mode, unlimited ammo mode, endless zombies with no waves, and possible top down spaceship arcade shooter) Achievements will come with these are added. (No ETA on this release)

New achievements

  • Nightmare Mode – 1 / 100 , 250, 500, 1000 kills
  • Nightmare Mode – 1 / 10 / 25 / 50 rounds
  • Farm Map – Get to 15 rounds
  • Mars Map – Get to 15 rounds
  • View “Project Astronaut” TV Menu

Astro Ike (Released)

Astro Ike (Game Released!)

Started May 2nd, 2022

Astro Ike is now on Steam!!! The game is listed for $0.99, a great deal! 

The last few weeks I have been polishing the game and fixing some minor issues as well as adding steam achievements to the game. It took some time to understand how Unreal Engine games are uploaded to Steam as well as all the information you have to fill out for Steam!

Thank you for all your support!!!

Sneak peak of “Project Survival”, a new game I am working on inside Unreal Engine 5. Very early stages but will have it’s own blog post within a few weeks!

Patreon Page has yet to have an update but within the next few weeks the first post will be made! 
Cyberkite Games Patreon
Want to show extra support, Buy me a coffee is a great way!

Astro Ike (4th Update)

Astro Ike (4th Update)

Started May 2nd, 2022

For this weekly update there was a lot done! The game is close to being completed for my first UE5 game project! The game will most likely be released in few weeks and sold at $2.99. I might make a few more maps and maybe a character selection to help with that cost. What do you think? Also, feedback would be great!

Check out what was added this week!

Zombie Boss was added to the game this week. They deal lots of damage and are huge.
Zombie AI is now fixed and will attack and not run the other way for some odd reason…
I was given a suggestion to haver a blood splatter when the zombies get hit. 
New Outline added to ammo for easier visibility.
Main I was going to use this pre-built hanger level for the game but felt like I was cheating myself. So this has been removed and a new level was created.   
Options Added ammo indicators below the character for easier visibility.  
Below is an image gallery of the new level I built for the game, a Mars setting map.
Street Lights can blink at a random rate I can input. 
Main Updated the UI in the top left to display the Waves, Zombies, and Ammo count  
You can now left click to fire or you can hold down left click to auto fire. 
Game Over UI has been updated and still needs work but it now showcases the wave you were on, how many kills, and the total time. Bonus – red screen indicator when you take damage!
A Patreon page was created for future projects to help with funding. There will be another update in the future once it’s all setup. 
Cyberkite Games Patreon
Want to test out the game? Click the image below and use the password Ike2022 

Astro Ike (3rd Update)

Astro Ike (3rd Update)

Started May 2nd, 2022

For this weekly update a lot has happened. I started working a new test level to fit the space theme, cleaned up the AI, updated the options menu, and more! 

Check out what was added this week!

New map being made, it will most likely be removed. Not a fan of it so far. 
Main menu was added and basic options was added with video resolution setting.  
Options menu got a rework and has better options to select from with a save button. Audio settings have also been added, however only the Master Audio slider is working. 
Showcase of the main menu that was created with “Start”, “Options”, “Credit with a glimpse of the temporary loading screen.  
Added stamina to the game that will replenish over time when not sprinting (using left shift. Removed the text percentage off the health bar. 
AI has been updated!! They now attack and cause damage to the player. It still needs some work as when they hit the player or are close by they run away.  
Pause menu was added that will pause the game as intended when pressing escape.  
AI can move to a random location if they can’t see the player. I have removed this from the game but it might come back in the future. 
Character now has a death screen and will die. At this time no animation has been added to the character’s death and the scoreboard has not been worked on.

Astro Ike (2nd Update)

Astro Ike (2nd Update)

Started May 2nd, 2022

For this weekly update I have started over with the project as the video tutorial series I was using just vanished off YouTube. I then found a new series and it’s way better than what I was using. It’s given me a better look on how to work with the blueprints, animations, sounds, and the AI. Regarding the artwork, I am using asset packs from Synty I got during a Humble Bundle deal a few months ago. 

Check out what was added this week!

Started over, updated the character and properly attached the weapon to the character.
Added Ammo to the game with an ammo count on the bottom right (place holder). A better UI will be design, adding a health bar, spawn wave count, enemy count, and a timer. Possibly a point system.
AI Character movement is a lot better. Player now has a sprint option so they can get out of the way faster. Might add stamina amount, not 100% sure yet. 
AI moves around and now takes damage with animation as well as death animation. Enemy type is going to be Zombies! The Clown Zombies are placeholder and most likely will not be in the final game.
Added health and ammo pickup that drops from enemies. Needs a lot of testing to get the right amount. Enemies don’t do damage to player at this time. 
Created a new test map to place that fits with the space/zombie theme I am going for. This is just a test level for testing purposes only. Better/more levels will be made in the future. 
Page has been created to list my games over at
Wave System has been added, needs to be polished up but it’s working as a testing phase. Looking to have multiple spawner that spawn
I was unable to get the enemy to attack the player before this update, but here is the animation. 

Astro Ike (1st Update)

Astro Ike (1st Update)

Started May 2nd, 2022

Astro Ike is going to be a 3D top down shooter with a wave enemy attack system. This is my first Unreal Engine 5 game, and my 2nd game overall. So far I have learned a lot regarding blueprints, character animations, and a lot more. Below are some clips of what I have been working on. I will try to post at least once a week regarding the progress of Astro Ike.

First Footage, Basic AI, Paragon Character, with basic shooting.
New character model was added with jumping animation.
Updated the animations for the character.
Front angle showing character with rifle (debugging).
Normal camera angle showing character with rifle.
Changed the bullets so they can easily been seen as well as set the fire rate to be constant when you hold down the fire button.

Lastly, I have added a gun sound for testing purposes.

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