Astro Ike (3rd Update)

Started May 2nd, 2022

For this weekly update a lot has happened. I started working a new test level to fit the space theme, cleaned up the AI, updated the options menu, and more! 

Check out what was added this week!

New map being made, it will most likely be removed. Not a fan of it so far. 
Main menu was added and basic options was added with video resolution setting.  
Options menu got a rework and has better options to select from with a save button. Audio settings have also been added, however only the Master Audio slider is working. 
Showcase of the main menu that was created with “Start”, “Options”, “Credit with a glimpse of the temporary loading screen.  
Added stamina to the game that will replenish over time when not sprinting (using left shift. Removed the text percentage off the health bar. 
AI has been updated!! They now attack and cause damage to the player. It still needs some work as when they hit the player or are close by they run away.  
Pause menu was added that will pause the game as intended when pressing escape.  
AI can move to a random location if they can’t see the player. I have removed this from the game but it might come back in the future. 
Character now has a death screen and will die. At this time no animation has been added to the character’s death and the scoreboard has not been worked on.

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