Astro Ike (2nd Update)

Started May 2nd, 2022

For this weekly update I have started over with the project as the video tutorial series I was using just vanished off YouTube. I then found a new series and it’s way better than what I was using. It’s given me a better look on how to work with the blueprints, animations, sounds, and the AI. Regarding the artwork, I am using asset packs from Synty I got during a Humble Bundle deal a few months ago. 

Check out what was added this week!

Started over, updated the character and properly attached the weapon to the character.
Added Ammo to the game with an ammo count on the bottom right (place holder). A better UI will be design, adding a health bar, spawn wave count, enemy count, and a timer. Possibly a point system.
AI Character movement is a lot better. Player now has a sprint option so they can get out of the way faster. Might add stamina amount, not 100% sure yet. 
AI moves around and now takes damage with animation as well as death animation. Enemy type is going to be Zombies! The Clown Zombies are placeholder and most likely will not be in the final game.
Added health and ammo pickup that drops from enemies. Needs a lot of testing to get the right amount. Enemies don’t do damage to player at this time. 
Created a new test map to place that fits with the space/zombie theme I am going for. This is just a test level for testing purposes only. Better/more levels will be made in the future. 
Page has been created to list my games over at
Wave System has been added, needs to be polished up but it’s working as a testing phase. Looking to have multiple spawner that spawn
I was unable to get the enemy to attack the player before this update, but here is the animation. 

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