Astro Ike (1st Update)

Started May 2nd, 2022

Astro Ike is going to be a 3D top down shooter with a wave enemy attack system. This is my first Unreal Engine 5 game, and my 2nd game overall. So far I have learned a lot regarding blueprints, character animations, and a lot more. Below are some clips of what I have been working on. I will try to post at least once a week regarding the progress of Astro Ike.

First Footage, Basic AI, Paragon Character, with basic shooting.
New character model was added with jumping animation.
Updated the animations for the character.
Front angle showing character with rifle (debugging).
Normal camera angle showing character with rifle.
Changed the bullets so they can easily been seen as well as set the fire rate to be constant when you hold down the fire button.

Lastly, I have added a gun sound for testing purposes.

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